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When it comes to indoor furniture, wicker and teak pieces have what it takes to make any room homey and inviting. After all, home is where the heart is and is the one place that you can go to get away from it all. In today’s hustle and bustle world it’s nice to have a casual surrounding where you can sit back, put your feet up and leave the workaday world behind.

Rooms no longer need to have a formal stuffy atmosphere about them. It’s a new day where modern and traditional can mix with the help of casual furniture.

Creating a natural statement

Wicker and teak indoor furniture both have a look of their own that can transform any room into a work of art. There’s something to be said about getting back to the natural look and both wicker and teak indoor casual furniture provide this beautifully.

Both of these casual furniture types offer an understated look without the “Look at me I’m keeping up with the Jones’ type of appearance. You can choose any design of indoor furniture and pick the colors or patterns that work nicely with your decor and blend in with your lifestyle.

Combining modern with comfort

There’s a lot of modern furniture that’s being manufactured these days with sleek lines and curved corners. While some of these pieces are stunning, many lack the benefit of being comfortable as well. That’s where rattan and teak furniture step up to the plate. They provide the best of both worlds.

If you have children and pets, you can allow them to get comfortable on your casual furniture. Home after all should be a relaxing respite away from it all where the whole family can sit back and relax without stress or worry.

Easy to care for

When you’re buying new indoor furniture you’ll want to look for something that is simple and easy to care for. Most teak and wicker furniture pieces come with slipcovers that can be easily removed from the cushions. Most are machine washable and need to be hung up to dry in order to prevent shrinking. As well, these cushions will usually be ScotchGuarded to protect them from everyday mishaps that can commonly occur.

Wicker can be cleaned using a bristle brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and can be washed with a rag and mild detergent to get out any stains. If you want to shine up the wicker and make it sparkle, a very light coating of lemon oil can be applied yearly. Teak indoor furniture can be cleaned the same way and oiled using teak oil once yearly to preserve the dark natural color.

A total looks on a moderate budget

Casual furniture is usually priced a lot lower than formal traditional furniture, which gives you flexibility to work with. How many times in the future do you think you’ll be changing around the furniture in your home to create a new look? Simply speaking, most people get tired of seeing the same furniture day after day and like to replace it after a few years.

Indoor casual furniture gives you the chance to do this. You can pay a moderate price for exceptionally beautiful and quality furniture that can last a lifetime if you want it to. Otherwise, if you do want to switch things around after a few years, you can. You won’t have invested your life savings into indoor furniture that you feel you need to hold onto for life.

The lightweight strength of wicker

Many people think that wicker is a fragile material due to its light weight, when in fact it is one of the world’s strongest woods. It’s flexible and can be shaped easily, but just try to break a 1-inch thick piece of wicker. It’s almost impossible unless you have been training in the martial arts.

Teak is also a strong and durable wood that will stand up well indoors. It’s one of the most elegant woods used in the furniture industry and can easily create a luxurious ambiance combined with pure comfort.

A perfect fit in any room

Whether you have a living room, bedroom or sunroom that you want to furnish, casual rattan or teak indoor furniture can make a perfect fit. When you’re looking at furnishing not only your house but your lifestyle as well, you’ll want to stand up and take notice of these furniture types. They provide the perfect setting for busy couples or families with children that want a style of their own that they can relax with.

There’s nothing better than coming home and seeing a well-furnished house that lets you be who you are. Indoor furniture needs to reflect your personality while working within your needs. There is no hidden mystery when it comes to teak or rattan furniture – it is what it is. It’s a statement of who you are and what you want out of your life and your home.

Give us a call or visit our showroom. We’ll be glad to assist you any way we can!

Thank you,

Andre’ and Nancy Pimentel


Click Here to View Our Complete
Selection of Indoor Furniture


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